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21, a recent RISD grad! Here you will find things that inspire me as an artist! I treat this as a personal blog too, so expect Arpakasso and pictures of my moth raising adventures!

I noticed you have two purple 50cms, is one macaroon and one soda? :o

A question by Anonymous

I did used to have two, but I sold one!
The one I sold was a Soda, and the one I still have is actually from the Olympic series! (Hes the France one with out his scarf!) I do really want the macaroon series one though!


Finally doing that giveaway I’ve been mentioning occasionally for all eternity! These are the prints I get asked about the most, so I’m lumping them together and pretending they’re related.

First prize winner gets their choice of Star Trek poster and a Night Vale postcard 

Five other winners will also get a postcard


  • mbf me, you can also follow my art blog if you want (not necessary, but that’d be cool of you)
  • reblogs count, likes do not; the reblog limit does not exist
  • don’t remove this caption
  • the giveaway will run until September 21, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST and the winners will be randomly picked 
  • obviously you have to have your ask box open and be willing to tell me your mailing address. I’ll ship to anywhere I reasonably can (sorry to those in Cuba, North Korea, Vulcan, and the ISS)

If you can’t wait/don’t end up winning, you can also find each of these over on my Esty shop, here, here, and here (the postcards are cheap, only the cost of printing and shipping! I’m very concerned about the don’t-sell-merch thing). 

Go forth! Good luck and godspeed! 

So I thought I could fix my phone by restoring it to factory settings.. but now its even more screwed up! All the apps are black and unclickable, Wifi and 4G no longer work (and the buttons to turn them on are just gone).

I hope the iphone6 really does come out on the 9th so the iphone5 will be 1$.