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21, a recent RISD grad! Here you will find things that inspire me as an artist! I treat this as a personal blog too, so expect Arpakasso and pictures of my moth raising adventures!

Leaving for LA tomorrow! Wont be online for a few days or a week because Im having my computer shipped out later… :(

See you all in a while!

A little felt loaf of a kitty!
This is an art trade with lisabanana!
I made her a mini felted version of her cute kitty, Molly, and she made me an unbelievable awesome watercolor illustration! Please go follow Malisa, her work is amazing!


My Nuvango samples came in!! Thank you so much to the Nuvango team who were so kind to send them! The products look fantastic too! The printing is true to color, and is high quality Unfortunately I cant tray of the skins out because I dont own any of the products, but Ill be giving them to some friends to try! 

Oh- and look how cute the felt holders are that came with the cases! So nice <3

Please check out my Nuvango shop as well if you are interested in any of these!!


New doll for cowards-dice!! <3
This one is a mixture of his OC and the black/white UK Olympic Arpakasso! This was a lot of fun!! OUO

Macaroooooons! So close to all the colors! Blue and both shades of purple left!! Also the closed eye ones and maybe the light pink and green in the big size too. A girl can dream!

Thanks to derpola for my new light pink macaron! Hes so cute!!

Exactly one week until i move across the US to LA! Im so scared that ive had a stomach ache for 3 weeks now :(

Ill miss new england so much!

Two new dolls!

Top one for Sailorkami! She wanted a doll based off of her adorable cosplay of her arpakasso! Thank you so much Kami! <3

Second doll is for Lirasy of her friends OC! Thank you too! <3 <3

I hope you both like your dolls! Ill be messaging you both in a minute :)

Your needle works are so adorable! Do you have any advice for beginners like myself? No matter how long I work at it, I can never get my creations to have that smooth finished look like yours do.

A question by lapopearmadillo

Hello! Thank you so much! I hope you dont mind that I publish this in case anyone else has a similar question! 

My felt things certainly arnt as smooth as some others I’ve seen! Mostly because creating a perfect surface on the felt take many many hours! I stop after a reasonable amount of time just so they dont look too hairy!

Besides time, another thing that can help with the fuzzies is to have many different sizes of needle. I work with two or three sizes with each piece. The larger grooved needles are for the bulk of the felting. This is to get the pieces into the shape you want. The smaller needles are for detailing! They will really help in felting in the extra fuzzys.

Lastly, and I think the most important is to trim your pieces with a sewing scissor! Try and get on with really small blades. Trimming at the end is really helpful but your felt piece has to be well felted first, or it will fall apart when you cut the wool! 

I hope this helps!
P.s- really adorable job on those alpaca figures you made Soreyal and Moccoe! So cute!!