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21, a recent RISD grad! Here you will find things that inspire me as an artist! I treat this as a personal blog too, so expect Arpakasso and pictures of my moth raising adventures!


Children of Húrin sketches from train :)
Mim, Beleg And Túrin :)

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Where did you get yout orange alpacasso? thank you!!! :)

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Got it from Kittyblacksheep on tumblr! She was doing a clean out sale before she moved. :)

I swear I’m not at crazy as this makes me look!!

Updated picture of my collection… Welcoming a new Green Macaron from Kawaiiplushlove! Look how teeny he is next to the other Macarons! Had no idea green ones came in the smaller size.

If anyone has Line and wants to add me, i just got one! Names Lumichee there :)

okay I didnt think anyone would actually want any but if you do want some of the business cards, inbox my your address and Ill send some in an envelope over the next few days! 

Vistaprint and Moo had a sale.. and I bought 100 business cards and 100 postcards all for $22 combined! Now I dont know what to do with my ones from last year.. anyone want some of my older business cards?? D:


These beautiful moths and butterflies look like they’re ready to flutter up and away, but they won’t be doing so because they’re wonderful textile sculptures painstakingly created by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. She sews, embroiders and stitches all sorts of multi-colored fabrics to create these oversized insects, which measure nearly a foot wide. She also adds painted details along with feathers and artificial fur. With great care Okita has achieved an awesome balance between astonishing realism and fanciful invention.

Click here to view more of Yumi Okita’s gorgeous textile insect sculptures.

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Was it hard to get into risd? Did you enjoy it there? Was it difficult finding a job after risd??? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really curious 😅

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publishing again in case any one is interested!

Hello! Im not sure how hard is was for me to get into RISD personally, since all I did was send my application and then get in, but apparently it only has a 27% acceptance rate! It is also the best art school in the US! 

And yes, I enjoyed it there! If I could, I would stay another 4 years :) My parents also graduated from RISD, and they are always saying that if they could go again, they would in a heart beat!

Well, so far I havent gotten a job (I graduated in May) But I havent actively looked yet (since I am moving out to LA first.) However, most of my friends got jobs immediately out of RISD! My boyfriend got hired by Hasbro and Dreamworks right away! 

Hopefully when I start to look in LA, Ill have good luck too! The teachers definitely help you find jobs though. Many classes have assignments where you actually are making this for companies and get paid for the work you do! They also have a lot of great connections and if you ask, they will send you contacts and potential employers!

Hope this answered your questions! If you have anymore, please ask :)


GATHERERS, another new one for SooJin Buzelli at PlanSponsor. This is for an article about how healthcare and retirement planning can work in unison.

I liked all my sketches for this, though, as usual, only one of them actually works for the prompt. It usually takes me a bit to really suss out the core of the article. There’s a balance that the working sketch strikes that none of the others do.

When these projects pop up, and I can more or less draw anything, as long as it relates back to the topic, I almost always try to exhaust whatever current topic my mind is focused on, before trying different subject matter. Last time it was knights, this time it was strange animals. 

I usually get a lot of color advice from Kali, but she had a bigger hand in this one than usual. Pretty much steered the whole ship for a little while.

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Re-did my website!
If you happen to visit, please let me know if any links are broken, or if things dont look right! Spent so many hours adding page links to everything… there must be an easier way!!

Heh, I ordered some cards from moo and I dug around your blog to use your refer url~ Just thought I'd let you know! :D

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ahh thank you so much!!
I woke up and saw the email from moo that someone used it and it started off my day happily! Thanks for taking the time to look for it! <3