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Olivia Chin Mueller: illustrator/ arpakasso collector/ moth enthusiast

21, a recent RISD grad! Here you will find things that inspire me as an artist! I treat this as a personal blog too, so expect Arpakasso and pictures of my moth raising adventures!

Your art is so nice. The characters look adorable

A question by Anonymous

Thank you so much! Ive been practicing doing characters lately to give my portfolio more range :) 


In progress

Some details of one of my current projects. This particular batch of work is the sort that make me feel grateful beyond words that this is what I get to do for a living.

(via scientificillustration)

I noticed you have two purple 50cms, is one macaroon and one soda? :o

A question by Anonymous

I did used to have two, but I sold one!
The one I sold was a Soda, and the one I still have is actually from the Olympic series! (Hes the France one with out his scarf!) I do really want the macaroon series one though!