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Olivia Chin Mueller: illustrator/ arpakasso collector/ moth enthusiast

21, a recent RISD grad! Here you will find things that inspire me as an artist! I treat this as a personal blog too, so expect Arpakasso and pictures of my moth raising adventures!


Here are some pictures from Santa Clauses, a book I illustrated that is out now.
I also have a proper website for the first time in (not literally) forever.
You’ll find some more information about this book there. 

My phone broke 2 days ago… and im waiting for the next iphone to come out on the 9th so I can get the oldest one for 1$! So if I ignore you, thats why! Please message me here instead! <3

I found arpakasso in a random store today!!!
I was feeling really sad about my move to LA, so my boyfriend brought me to the mall for icecream! We passed a store called Tokyo Lifestyle and arpakasso were in the window!

They had all sizes of kids and adults, plus arpakasso slippers, cubes, bags, cell holders and the kaomoji arpakasso cross over!!

They also had other amuse brands like the big Tachineko Cat (I bought the one in the middle photo!!), Puchimaru, Roppi/Loppi Bunnies (backpacks) and The Fusataro Dogs! The only thing they didnt have were any Woolies. 

Basically, Im in trouble because the store is 5 minutes from my apartment….

Leaving for LA tomorrow! Wont be online for a few days or a week because Im having my computer shipped out later… :(

See you all in a while!

A little felt loaf of a kitty!
This is an art trade with lisabanana!
I made her a mini felted version of her cute kitty, Molly, and she made me an unbelievable awesome watercolor illustration! Please go follow Malisa, her work is amazing!


My Nuvango samples came in!! Thank you so much to the Nuvango team who were so kind to send them! The products look fantastic too! The printing is true to color, and is high quality Unfortunately I cant tray of the skins out because I dont own any of the products, but Ill be giving them to some friends to try! 

Oh- and look how cute the felt holders are that came with the cases! So nice <3

Please check out my Nuvango shop as well if you are interested in any of these!!